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Although the housing market is still reeling from the collapse of the mortgage industry, it cannot be said that all is lost. In fact, short sale foreclosures have become increasingly popular because they actually create a win-win situation for both buyers and sellers.

The Process

If you are not yet familiar with the concept of foreclosure, it is actually quite simple. A distressed homeowner, with an underwater mortgage, asks the lender to allow him to sell his home at an amount that is less than the mortgage balance. Usually, there is already a buyer who is interested in buying the pre-foreclosure property.

In this case, the lender requests for a hardship letter to establish the homeowner’s claim that he is no longer able to pay the monthly mortgage. In addition, other documentation that shows the planned selling price, loan balance and other expenses will be requested from the seller. Once the lender thinks that the request is justified, the proposed short sale will be approved.

For Sellers

The main reason why sellers go through the trouble is that they will be able to avoid foreclosure. This is important especially if you do not want your credit record blemished with such entry. Aside from this, the short sale also allows the seller to avoid the trauma that comes with having to go through a foreclosure process.

Since the short sale process can be a bit technical, it would help if you hire a local realtor who will make everything easier for you. Just make sure that the selling price includes the commission of your broker or agent.

For Buyers

As mentioned earlier, a lot of buyers are currently into investing in short sale foreclosures. Obviously, the main attraction is the savings that these foreclosed homes provide. Imagine, you will only have to basically pay the mortgage balance and you now have a home. Plus, the property is still being inhabited by the original owner and not yet dilapidated. You will be able to save on repair costs as well.

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