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Burnham Institute for Medical Research opened in April 2009. It will be the major hub in Lake Nona ‘s “medical city.” Burnham will be “the research anchor” for the La Jolla, CA’s institute. It’s primary focus will be cancer. Burnham has drawn support from UCF’s Medical School and a research facility constructed by the University of Florida to complete the $85 million dollar 175,000 square-foot “biotech center.” Burnham Institute will continue to advance medical technology and stimulate job growth for “high skilled, high paying jobs” to southeast Orlando ‘s Lake Nona.

Sanford Burnham Medical Research Institute was built to provide an “innovative research environment” for scientists from a variety of different fields. It employs over 750 scientists. They propose to create an environment where they’ll be challenged to tackle some of today’s most important medical issues and create breakthroughs. By focusing on diabetes, cardiovascular complication, cancer, infectious, and inflammatory diseases they hope to come up with answers.Sanford Burnham’s Lake Nona Campus sits ten minutes from Orlando International Airport and 10 miles south east of downtown Orlando in what is called Medical City at Lake Nona.

The ecology friendly design and construction of Burnham’s campus is particularly important to its developers. Their primary goal of making medical discoveries that benefit the community it serves as well as contributing to the lives of its employees and the community around it is accentuated by its glazed windows and “high performance exterior glass.” The building not only makes the most of the environment’s natural landscape as it high lights the surrounding planned communities but it also adds recognition to the building’s central purpose of benefiting the environment by lowering heating and cooling costs without damaging the ecosystem and polluting the outside environment.

The Burnham Institute sits amidst a growing community of homes, estates, and luxury residences. The facility and homes in the area have incredible views of lush fairways, over 8,000 acres of green meadows, “crystal blue lakes,” and natural springs that run through it. Homes and developments in the area complement its natural beauty and the ongoing development of the medical technology center with its 7,000 master planned community called Lake Nona,a city within a city. Spacious single family, town homes, and condos make up housing options. The medical research facility will advance the community by discovery. Whether you’re working, relaxing, or starting a family Lake Nona ‘s Burnham’s Medical Research Institute and its surrounding community will help you discover the best choice for you.

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