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With an over abundance of decorating shows, magazines and online tools available to us our design options are endless! We can Stage or home for a sale, Decorate for the first time in a new home or Redecorate, otherwise know as Redesign. Spend less by working with a Redesign Specialist instead of an Interior Decorator, get a room makeover in a day and keep your pocket book in tact. Here’s how…

There is a new wave of decorating known as Interior Redesign, you may have heard it before but what does it really mean? How is it different from traditional Interior Design and Decorating? Is this similar to home staging? The answers are all here to help you make the best decision as you plan to change the face of your space.

Interior designers have been trained in terms of the structural layout of the home and are qualified to make such changes as knock down walls to open up a space and create new spaces or additions. They also of course focus on a color scheme, overall feel of the room as well as any theme and really shine in the area of custom window treatments and recommending special fabrics. Interior decorators do not have the certification to make structural changes but do focus on the overall décor of the home including flooring, window treatments and accessories as well as furniture placement.

Redesigners on the other hand can do just that but many are home stagers that have several clients achieve a quick sale with the right layout, color scheme, furniture placement and accessory arrangement and also offer their services to clients that are staying in the home that they reside however want a change to a particular room, several rooms or the whole home. Redesign is the process is of using what you already have to make the room more suited to your taste where accessories and new finishes can be incorporated to achieve the look you desire.

Often, an Interior Redesigner can see a poor furniture arrangement that is not conversation or does not make the most of a view or a focal point. We can take a space and give it new life using a lot of what you already have. We can also recommend the appropriate colors for the scheme of your room as well as updated flooring, window treatments, and can bring in special new accessories to complete the look. Re-designers are less expensive than an actual Interior Decorator or Designer and we focus on using a lot of what you already own. We use materials from local shops and fabric that is easily accessed and does not command the pricing of custom pieces.

For example, Florida Home Staging & Redesign offers Central Florida homeowners a detailed consultation starting at $150 which might be just the jumping off point you need to start the project yourself. Maybe you don’t know where to hang all of your art or how to position your furniture? After meeting for a consultation a full day room makeover can begin at $450 depending on the size of the space. With your budget for accessories we can do the shopping with you or for you to create your special room, as we know inexpensive shops that will allow us to achieve your goals on a budget.

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